The First Post...

What is this all about & how did I get here?

I've needed to get my blog underway for a long time now. There are so many times when I'm blocked and scouring the depths of Stack Overflow for answers when I see other developers seeking the same answers that I do, but nobody seems to offer any sort of satisfactory conclusion to the problem. And if you're like me, I not only like to know the answer, but I need to know what caused the issue in the first place and how that fits into my workflow. So, here I am, blogging away to move our industry forward in the best way I know how.

As far as this site goes, It's obviously combined with my portfolio and personal sales-pitch. I am, after all, a developer that needs to put grub on my family's table. Aside from that, now that it's at a usable state, I'm going to share how I finish it out. There are some good things coming;

  • Styling the 'Disqus' commenting system (if possible).
  • Implementing site/blog search
  • Some Twitter integration
  • Adding projects
  • Github integration
  • Adding resume/Print version of resume
  • More fluid jekyll workflow
  • My workflow and recommendations
  • Probably more...

For now, the next thing I'm working on, is getting some static content filled out, like the sections on the home page (services/portfolio/contact), and styling the blog portion of the home page. This site is hosted on github using jekyll, which replaced the sandbox that I WAS using for personal projects etc. I really need to break those out into their own github repositories using github pages. I rely on these for my code examples when recruiters come knocking, and to provide examples to things I've done. That may be the next big undertaking.

- Rich

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